Tim Angeles - Blended - Curtin Gradshow 2017 - Curtin Gradshow Digital Design Web Graphics Motion Blended


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Tim Angeles

Motion Graphics | VFX | Compositing

What's up! I’m a Digital Designer focused in Motion Graphics and Visual Effects, specialising in compositing, rotoscoping and particle based systems. I have a passion for creating videos that are fun and cool to look at, while serving a purpose. Whether it’s a response to topics about science, design or technology or a fun interpretation of random ideas and memes. I started making little videos back in the days of Windows Movie Maker and what always motivated me was seeing everyone’s reactions to what I had created, good or bad. It always inspires me to do better.
My primary tools include After Effects, Premiere Pro, Maya, and Cinema 4D. Regardless of tools, I am constantly learning. Whether it’s an insightful blog from Medium or a new software that emerges, I am always prepared to change the way I work. I believe that my strong understanding of animation principles, knowledge of film techniques and lighting fundamentals, will help deliver quality motion graphic and video production solutions.

Is Cancer Random?

A Motion Graphic that responds to recent studies that have revealed that approximately two-thirds of cancer cases have come from random and spontaneous mutations. The cause of these particular mutations, are disturbingly out of our control.

Accessibility: Hero 5

Accessibility: Hero 5 - A design analysis on the GoPro Hero 5 action camera, looks into the design aspect of what makes the GoPro line so popular, and easy to use. Regardless of the user’s previous experiences with any sort of camera.

Shotgun Supreme

A Visual FX short fight sequence inspired by Marvel’s “Doctor Strange”. When two best mates are excited to see a “certain film” at the cinema, a sorcery battle commences between them as they fight for the front seat. Who will win? Who will be banished to the back-seat realm?