Simona Jovanovska - Blended - Curtin Gradshow 2017 - Curtin Gradshow Digital Design Web Graphics Motion Blended


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Simona Jovanovska

Web Design | Web Development |

I am a web designer, occasional illustrator and aspiring developer. I design clean, modern and responsive websites. I also enjoy illustration, puppies and dad jokes (the punnier the better).
My passion for all things design stemmed from when I first opened up Photoshop to teach myself to draw at the tender age of 12. Ever since then, my career goals evolved from wanting to be a graphic designer, animator, or a concept artist, before finally discovering my calling as a web designer. Currently I am in the midst of building my development skills, so I can more easily understand what is and isn’t possible with web development.
When I’m not busy designing, I will spend time with my two German Shepherds, while binge-watching the latest Netflix craze, or doodling on my iPad to keep my illustration skills from rusting.
I also have experience with: illustration, animation, motion graphics, and 3D modelling.

Seatram Concept Homepage

Created as a conceptual design with imagery inspired by their tagline "making the world a smaller place."

Myaree Ceramics Homepage

The client wished for the imagery to be the star of the design, so care was taken so that their best photographs were used to properly portray their designer tiles.

Remo Nutrients Concept Homepage

Created as a conceptual design to showcase Remo's expertise and care taken when creating their product.