Mason Skender - Blended - Curtin Gradshow 2017 - Curtin Gradshow Digital Design Web Graphics Motion Blended


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Mason Skender

2D Animation | Film | Motion Graphics

As a Digital Designer I have a burning passion for Animation and Film. People say I’m a bit of a completionist; I prefer to tackle projects from start to finish, as opposed to only focusing on one part at a time. For example, if you asked me to design a book, I would make it, literally from scratch by hand, and that’s a true story... I guess people are right in that aspect. While I usually focus on animation and film, I also delve in: graphic design, photography, web design, coding, product design, illustration, woodworking; as well as being: a collector of anything DBZ, an anime buff, a movie critic, and an adventurer... just to name a few.
As you have probably guessed I am quite willing to tackle pretty much anything. I am always excited to learn new skills in different areas, and I personally believe in consistently pushing yourself to be better than you from yesterday.


Shadows is an animation and film hybrid that I created as a self-directed project. This was done as part of the Curtin Japan Study Tour, which I was lucky enough to be selected to be a part of, involved me filming the project myself in Japan. You can view the final work here: Link

Gen Y

Gen Y is another animation and film hybrid that I executed for the 2017 D&AD’s “Stick It To The Man” competition. The brief was to create a 60 second video sticking up for a minority, and suggesting an idea that would make their lives better. My submission was successful, which means I will be attending the 2017 Brief to broadcast workshop @ The Glue Society in Sydney. You can view the final work here: Link


Constraint is an animation I completed for uni last year. It was a lot of fun to put together and I was really happy with the creative style. You can view the final work here: Link