Manuel Verhoeven - Blended - Curtin Gradshow 2017 - Curtin Gradshow Digital Design Web Graphics Motion Blended


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Manuel Verhoeven

3D Design | Compositing | 3D Animation

Hi! my name is Manuel, I'm a digital artist specialising in 3D Modelling, Animation, Compositing and Web Design. I'm a 24-year-old free thinking creative, I have a passion for art and technology, so I decided to become a digital designer. My current goal is to bulk up my portfolio with freelance projects and personal projects and perhaps land a stable job within the industry.


In this project I challenged myself by creating a 3D scene with character model in an environment with accompanying animation that is high quality with the bonus objective being to make it bright and happy and to learn more skills along the way.

Stomach Animation

This project required me to create an educational animation of the stomach that teaches the viewer the stomach’s basic functionality. My solution was to create a 3D model of the digestive system and use 2D animation onto of that 3D model to show the stomachs inner workings using compositing in After Effects.


T.O.D.D or The Optimised Designers Desk is a group collaboration design. The responsibility that I had within the group project was: aesthetic research, development, 3D project model, and image renders for a concept pitch