Jayden Muzzin - Blended - Curtin Gradshow 2017 - Curtin Gradshow Digital Design Web Graphics Motion Blended


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Jayden Muzzin

Web Development | Web Design |

Hello! I am Jayden and being a full-stack web developer is my dream career. I have had a passion for coding and learning about coding since early high school. After having dabbled in basic robotics and programming, I finally found my niche in web development! Right now, I am confident with front-end development - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Moving forward, I am eager to continue to upskill as well as master what I know now.
Building a website is a challenge I love tackling, and there is always something new to discover in every project. I hope to take what I have learnt from my time at university and be a part of the great creations of the World Wide Web. I also fancy myself as one of the biggest fans of Aussie Rules football.

SAT Website Re-Design

The State Administrative Tribunal of Western Australia tasked me with redesigning three of their live webpages - their home page, News & Media Releases page, and one of my choosing: their Decisions Database page. They needed a mobile-responsive website that meets Government website standards and guidelines.

Personal Portfolio

This is my portfolio, showcasing who I am, what it is I do, my skills and projects I have worked on. I wanted a unique, professional website that strongly conveyed my personality, proficiencies and experience, and was memorable to all visitors. The animation was built using JavaScript.

Cave Dive

A vertical-scroller game prototype, for Android, that was programmed in C#, using the Unity engine, created in collaboration with Brandon Pollastri. I was tasked with programming the user flow, score & health systems, controls and the 2D background scrolling effect. Brandon and I hope to build upon it in the future.