Jay Neish - Blended - Curtin Gradshow 2017 - Curtin Gradshow Digital Design Web Graphics Motion Blended


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Jay Neish

UI/UX Design | Graphic Design | Motion Graphics

My name is Jay Neish. I have been drawing for as long as I remember, and I really enjoy working with both traditional and digital media. Storytelling and Illustration is what interests me, with Graphic and UI / UX Design being what I want to do. I like to look at different types of creative works to see what people are doing with colour and layout, and to see if I can determine how they use it to send a message. I am always keen to learn more and willing to try something new. Especially when it comes to food and design.

Songlines App

The brief was to develop an idea for an app to teach the public about the Songlines that run through the Curtin University Campus. I created a motion graphic to showcase my idea of using location specific QR codes to bring up an interactive video about a subject.

Air PT

My entry for the PADC Skulls competition. Air PT is an app for booking work out sessions with personal trainers. I entered as practice for Graphic and UI / UX Design. I spent time refining my interface designs before creating a partial prototype.

3D Scene

This personal project consisted of compositing a scene using a 3D software. I focused on learning about how cameras, textures, and lighting could be used in Maya effectively. This project was a way for me to explore a different approach to figuring out what works in a composition.